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  • 14-02-2020

    Introduction of Automatic Meat Brine Injecting Machine

    Introduction of Automatic Meat Brine Injecting Machine Meat brine Injector machine is used for meat pickling.It can inject saline and seasonings into meat evenly and continuously to make the meat fully pichled.The injected flavoring liquid makes the meat tenderizer and soft,thus improving the meat quality and increase yield rate.Bine injector machine is the indispensable equipment in the meat industry.

  • 08-01-2020

    How to use meatball making machine

    The meatball making machine is generally composed of a meat grinder, a beater, and a molding machine. Sometimes, due to our improper use, it will have a certain impact on the machine. Below we will introduce the use of the meatball making machine. Attention.

  • 05-01-2020

    Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines, Model No.: MPS-DZ-410

    Product Description Customers from around the globe are opting for the products manufactured by us because we ensure long lasting nature, high durability and reliability to the Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines offered by us. Our organization is involved in supplying products of different types and specifications at par with the international standards and also at market leading prices.

  • 02-01-2020

    Fruit and Vegetable Washer

    Specifications: - Power: 1.5KW - Voltage: 380V - Size: Customized We are among the acclaimed firms, engaged in offering high qualitative range of Fruit and Vegetable Washer. This washer is used to wash vegetables and fruits in food industries. The offered washer is designed by using premium quality basic material and advance technology by our experts. Apart from this, our range is tested on various parameters in

  • 30-12-2019

    Common faults and solutions of vacuum packaging machine

    With the continuous improvement of vacuum packaging machine technology, it has solved the problems of freshness preservation and prolonged storage period for food industry packaging. This shows the charm of vacuum packaging machine, but it is a machine after all, so it is in use. There will be many problems in the process. What should I do? Today I will introduce to you the common faults and solutions of vacuum packaging machines.

  • 25-12-2019

    Industrial meat bowl cutter electric vegetable bowl cutting machine

    Bowl Cutter is designed to chop the meat or vegetable food processing machinery by our factory.It couldcut up the meat,vegetables,melons and fruit fast.So it could be used for stuffing.that machine adopted the worm wheal and worm to dead reduction drive,compact structure,That is a beautiful appearance,easy operation,high benefit machine.That is ideal food processing tool of hotel,restaurant,collective canteen,and food processing plant. Features 1.Utilize the cutter rotating with high speed to cut the meat,condiment and additive into meat paste; 2.Have the most suitable combination of the cutting speed,pot speed and the distance between the cutter and rotating pot; 3.Manufacture with stainless steel.Carefully designed with excellent moving balance. Low noises; 4.Bowl adopts good quality stainless steel,with anti-overflow pan edge.Avoid flash overflow; 5.Controller is installed separately,with waterproof and moisture protection; 6.The processed meat is of good emulsification and best quality. 7.Blades are made of special materials and technology. It can be equipped with imported blades , rolling stainless steel pot , which can stop the materials overflow the pot. 8.Chopping bowl is double speed , which can cooperate with any speed . How it works 1.turn on the main switch the low speed knives button(Knife -slow ),the indicator on. speed spin pot button( bowl start ),the spin pot run at speed. 4.According to the process press the high speed button(Knife -high ),the knives runs at high speed. 5.Press the high speed button.The spin pot runs at high speed

  • 17-12-2019

    Chopper function and usage


  • 30-11-2019

    Features and operation steps of vacuum packaging machine

    In the food industry, vacuum packaging machines are widely used. Vacuum packaging machines are required for various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, grilled fish fillets, and beef jerky. Vacuum-packed food has a long shelf life, which greatly extends the shelf life of the food. The following are the features and operation steps of vacuum packaging machine.

  • 22-11-2019

    Main structure and maintenance of vegetable bowl cutting machine

    The operation of the vegetable bowl cutting machine is very simple, and its working principle is mainly the effect of stone grinding, mainly by the effect of knife cutting. The following is a brief introduction to the main structure and daily maintenance of the vegetable bowl cutting machine. I hope to help everyone.

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