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Introduction of Automatic Meat Brine Injecting Machine


Advantages of Meat Brine Injector Machine

1.Made of stainless steel.

2.Easy clean conveyor belt.

3.Automatic needle protection device.

4.The meat plate distance and the injection pressure can be adjusted synchronously.

The Application of the Meat Brine Injecting Machine

1.This brine injector machine is widely used in the pickling of beef,pork,duck breast,and roast,ham,sausage,etc.

2.Suitable for hotels,restaurant,schools,canteens,and meat processing factories.

Specifications of Meat Brine Injector

A.The frame body is made of stainless steel plate with the thickness of 2.5mm

B.Stainless steel multistage impeller pump

C.Material return manner:Double connecting rod material return,no residue

D.Chain width(AMS-SZ-80):360mm;inlet size:365mmBrine Injector Machine

The working Principle of Automatic Meat Brine Injector

The meat is moved forward by the conveyor belt.When the needle moves down to the midpoint,the conveyor belt stops moving.and then the meat plate presses against meat to let the needle injects the saline into the meat continuously until it reaches the set time;when the needle returns to the midpoint of the trip,the conveyor belt starts moving forward along with the meat and the next round of injection starts.These injections can add seasonings,maintain meat nutrition and strengthen the taste.

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