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Meat Tumbler

  • Fully Automatic Chicken Meat Tumbler

    Fully Automatic Chicken Meat Tumbler

    The fully automatic chicken meat tumbleris equipped with a frequency converter to increase the speed control function and change the original single fixed number of revolutions so that the number of turns can be adjusted according to the process.

      Automatic feeding, automatic opening and automatic discharging

      With PLC control, the automation of the production process is truly realized.

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  • Tumbling Machine

    Tumbling Machine

    The tumbling machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which can start gently to prevent the motor from being damaged by the acute change of the reducer load during startup. The update adds a remote control operating system, making the machine safer, more convenient, more energy-efficient and efficient. 3. The tumbling machine plays an important role in food processing.

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  • Industrial Large Meat Tumbler

    Industrial Large Meat Tumbler

    The industrial meat tumbler has single speed rolling, double speed rolling and variable frequency operation. 2, the pumping mode can be selected. 3. Set the total rolling work time, intermittent rolling time, and vacuum state rolling time. 4, with continuous, intermittent rolling, reverse rolling and discharging functions.

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  • Meat Pickled Machine

    Meat Pickled Machine

    The meat pickled machine uses the vacuum principle to automatically suck the material into the rolling machine without manual loading, which greatly liberates the labor, improves labor efficiency and increases the efficiency of the enterprise. The vacuum pump used is high in power and high in efficiency, and can quickly inhale the material and make the vacuum in the drum reach the required level.

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  • Hydraulic Vacuum Tumbler

    Hydraulic Vacuum Tumbler

    The hydraulic vacuum tumbler is used for small batch vacuum rolling in small processing enterprises. It is small in size and easy to handle. It is made of 304 food grade stainless steel. The shell is processed by high-speed wire drawing, and the barrel is sanded and polished. The appearance is exquisite and easy to clean. It is in full compliance with national sanitary standards.

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  • Industrial Large Vacuum Tumbler

    Industrial Large Vacuum Tumbler

    Features of industrial large vacuum tumbler: pickled and savoured machine, flesh-and-stick picking machine blade arc shape, unique design, uniform distribution of marinade, no damage to the surface of the meat, so that the softness and appearance of the meat are improved;

      Single speed rolling, two-speed rolling, variable frequency operation can be selected.

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