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heat sealer

  • plastic bag sealing machine

    plastic bag sealing machine

    The machine is composed of parts such as frame, speed control mechanism, sealing temperature control system, transmission and transmission printing device. When the power is turned on, the electric heating element generates heat, so that the upper and lower hot head rods rise sharply and pass the temperature controller and speed control. The device adjusts between the two sealing strips of the required sealing material, the sealing portion of the plastic bag is in the heating zone of the upper and lower sealing strips, and the sealing strip is pressed by the hot rod bar in the heating zone to bond the plastic film after being heated Then, it is fed into the cooling zone under the clamping of the sealing tape, and the sealing portion of the embossing wheel or the pressed plastic bag is rolled out in a stripe shape or a mesh shape, and the desired characters are printed. The transmission part of the sealing machine is a sealing belt, a guiding belt and a conveyor belt driven by an electric motor, all of which are synchronously operated.

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