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Large Frozen Meat Grinder

  • Large Frozen Meat Grinder Manufacturers, Large Frozen Meat Grinder Factory, Supply Large Frozen Meat Grinder
  • Large Frozen Meat Grinder Manufacturers, Large Frozen Meat Grinder Factory, Supply Large Frozen Meat Grinder
  • Large Frozen Meat Grinder Manufacturers, Large Frozen Meat Grinder Factory, Supply Large Frozen Meat Grinder
Large Frozen Meat Grinder
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This machine is an essential equipment for meat processing. It can directly cut the frozen meat pieces into different sizes preparing for mixing. Since it does not need the meat to be unfrozen, it maintains nutrients and flavor.

        The large-scale frozen meat grinder is a meat processing equipment with a wide range of versatility in the meat production industry. The utility model relies on the screw to push the raw meat in the hopper box to the pre-cutting plate, and the rotary plate of the screw makes the orifice plate and the reamer relatively operate, thereby cutting the raw meat into a granular shape, ensuring the uniformity of the meat filling. . Different types of meat fillings can be achieved by different combinations of orifice plates.

        The large-scale frozen meat grinder produced by our factory has exquisite design, beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, simple operation, convenient use and high efficiency. It is an ideal helper for restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, butchers and modern families. It is widely used, new design, scientific and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life. According to the market's many years of investigation and customer's response requirements, the large-scale frozen meat grinder produced by our factory has been equipped with stainless steel blades after a long period of market inspection, which effectively solves the problem of rusting of blades and knife holes. Although the cost has increased, Our company promises to only charge the cost, and win the praise of customers with high quality and low price.

Advantages of large frozen meat grinders:

1. Good versatility, wide application range and high production efficiency;

2. It has the function of frozen meat and meat, saving time, labor, preservation and quality;

3. The cutter cutting process is short in time and low in temperature rise, which is conducive to preservation and prolongs the shelf life;

The function of the large frozen meat grinder:

1. Stir-frozen function;

2, positive and negative function, so that the probability of blocking the meat grinder is zero;

3, a variety of orifice plate combination, more suitable for different meat products.

Frozen meat grinder:

Frozen meat grinder

Our advantage:

1. As you wish: the company's equipment specifications and models are complete, special-type products can be customized for customers;

2. Stable quality: The company implements the whole process quality monitoring, nuanced and comprehensive inspection;

3. Reasonable price: The company's efficient internal cost control reduces unnecessary expenses and benefits customers;

4. Convenient delivery: The company implements the production line, stocks up, and shortens the delivery time;

5. Service Guarantee: The company sells the products, the company is fully responsible for quality tracking, and eliminates worries for you;

Commercial frozen meat grinder

After sales service:

1. The company guarantees that all the machines sold will be tested before leaving the factory. After the test is passed, the machine will be shipped to the customer to ensure that the customer can use the machine normally and completely avoid the loss of production.

2. Provide a full set of installation and commissioning repairs, technical consultation and other pre-sales and after-sales services to solve the customer's support in the maintenance process with thoughtful and timely speed. All products sold are free of charge within one year.

3. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

4. Service goal: to win the customer's satisfaction with the service quality, and exchange our sincerity for the customer's favor.

5. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, a satisfactory answer will be given within 24 hours.

6. Service principle: The warranty period of the product is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts damaged by quality reasons for free. The damage of the parts outside the warranty period will only cost the accessories. Equipment damage caused by the human factor of the demand side, the repair or supply of accessories by the supplier is based on the cost price.

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